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Jones & Associates also provides legal services and legal representation as outside general counsel to early stage companies, closely held companies and middle market companies.  In this capacity, we serve as outside general counsel but provide the responsiveness, efficient and cost effective legal services and advice of an in-house general counsel in the management and resolution of legal issues.

 As outside general counsel, we provide legal representation and advice to clients regarding the various business and legal issues they inevitably encounter on a daily basis.  We provide on-going business counseling, and negotiate and prepare the numerous and wide variety of agreements and arrangements necessary for the operation of a business.  We provide consultation, advice and legal representation with respect to the various and variety of disputes which arise during the course of the client’s business, including the negotiation and settlement, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation of disputes and claims if necessary.

 We regularly address owner relationships, lending relationships, employee relationships, the restructuring or dissolution of a business (if appropriate), mergers and acquisitions, sales and purchases of businesses, and inter-family transfers of businesses.

 We regularly negotiate debt and equity financings, draft, negotiate and enforce vendor, customer and employee contracts, prepare stock option and employee benefit plans, resolve corporate governance and succession issues, and restructure loan and debt obligations.  We also advise clients on joint ventures, strategic relationships and licensing and technology partnerships.

 Our experience has trained us to identify our client’s critical issues, organize facts and arguments to our client’s advantage, and assist our clients in finding and implementing a solution.

 Particularly in our capacity as outside general counsel, the principal goal of Jones & Associates is to assist our clients in being successful.


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