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Disputes are a fact of life for all businesses.  They often arise with customers, competitors, vendors, employees, and even with shareholders, partners or directors.  The attorneys at Jones & Associates provide the legal expertise and courtroom experience necessary to effectively address a broad range of business litigation matters.

 The approach of Jones & Associates to disputes and litigation matters is to quickly assess and evaluate the dispute or matter at the very outset of the case, and recommend to and discuss with our client a strategy which we believe (1) maximizes the ability of the client to accomplish the client’s objectives, and (2) maximizes the potential for an early cost-effective resolution of the matter favorable to our client; so that the client can then make an informed decision regarding how the matter will proceed.  With a clear focus on successfully achieving the business objectives of our client, our approach is to listen, to understand, and develop the most responsive and effective strategy to meet the client’s goals.  Our evaluations and recommendations are updated as developments occur.  We work side-by-side with our clients to achieve their business and litigation objectives.

 We believe that good results come from solid preparation, creativity and common sense.  At Jones & Associates, we approach each client matter – large and small – with these principles in mind.  Preparing each case as if it will ultimately go to trial, our experience has demonstrated that such efforts significantly focus the dispute throughout all phases of investigation and resolution, and often lead to more rapid settlement.  When cases must go to trial, we rely on our years of experience and depth of knowledge to successfully present and argue the case on behalf of our clients.

 We recognize litigation as a powerful tool for achieving the business objectives of our clients in a cost-efficient manner, preferably through negotiation, but in the courtroom when necessary.  We are successful because we have the experience to negotiate from strength and to try our cases if and when the client’s last offer is declined.

 To all of our cases, we add a strong dose of common sense.  Businesses no longer endorse litigation with a blank check; they want positive results, achieved in an efficient and as cost-effective a manner as possible.  By staffing and managing cases sensibly, and with our clients’ goals and interests in mind, we not only minimize the risks associated with litigation and dispute resolution, but minimize the associated costs as well.

 As business lawyers, we look beyond the immediate litigation to consider related long-term consequences.  Whether the issues involve “bet the company” stakes or day-to-day business operations, we follow the strategy – aggressive litigation or effective settlement – that gives our clients the best outcome.

 We represent clients of all sizes across a broad spectrum of the economy and work closely with our clients on each case. 

 We practice in state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate level.  We have also represented clients and litigated cases outside the State of Maryland, including in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, California and Arizona.


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