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Significant Business Matters


Jones & Associates provides experienced and effective legal representation on a wide range of business law issues. 

 We are committed to the belief that effective legal representation requires more than a thorough understanding of applicable law; it also requires an understanding of our client’s business, marketplace, challenges and strategic objectives.

 At Jones & Associates we acknowledge that the law and the legal issues which our clients must address are usually not, and should not be, the paramount issues facing the client’s business, but are a part of the client’s business which must be managed effectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively, and in a manner consistent with the overall goals, strategic objectives and financial position of, and relative importance of the matter to, our client.

 We, at Jones & Associates, provide our clients the professional experience and personal commitment necessary to solve the client’s legal challenges and to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives.

 We recognize that it is our obligation to protect our client’s interests and minimize the clients’ risks by finding creative, yet practical, solutions to the various issues that arise in both the ordinary course and the extraordinary course of the clients’ businesses. 

 The attorneys at Jones & Associates have many years of experience and strong business acumen.  We emphasize providing our clients practical and business-wise counsel and advice.  We are well known for finding practical and creative solutions to complex as well as the more ordinary business matters.

 The principal goal of Jones & Associates is to assist our clients in being successful.


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