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Significant Litigation Matters
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•    represented and successfully defended, by summary judgment, commercial developer and part owner of premier college multi-unit hi-rise student housing facility against claims of tortuous interference and breach of contract arising out of developer/owners’ termination of national management company due to various breaches of Management Agreement; currently have assumed representation of co-defendant owner of the student housing facility against national management company’s breach of contract claims, and prosecution of co-defendant owner’s counterclaims for breach of contract and attorneys' fees;


•   represented and successfully defended claims of fraud made against, and successfully prosecuted counterclaim on behalf of, former shareholders of regional candy company arising out of merger and acquisition of regional candy company by national candy and confections company;

•   represented and successfully defended breach of contract claims made against, and successfully prosecuted counterclaim on behalf of, professional psychiatry practice group arising out of dispute with primary local third party biller/processor of claims to Medicare/Medicaid;

•   represented and successfully defended, in protracted litigation, IT company, a Department of Defense contractor and provider of services to the Intelligence Community, and the IT company’s founder and CEO, against company stock ownership claims brought by  former company employee and who alleged he was a co-founder of company;


•   applied for and successfully obtained emergency injunctive relief, and ultimately, permanent injunctive relief, on behalf of client, regional funeral home, against former employee and local competitor funeral home arising out of competitor funeral home’s asserted facilitation of violation by client’s former employee of non-competition agreement entered into with client, resulting in permanent Consent Order for injunctive relief and payment to client of costs and attorneys fees; and,


•   successfully represented group owning minority stock ownership of local landmark hotel in prime Baltimore Inner Harbor location in litigation with majority ownership group over rights of minority ownership group to acquire the ownership interest of the majority ownership group in hotel, resulting in Court determination and confirmation of minority ownership group’s right to acquire majority ownership group’s ownership interest in hotel for $0.00, as contended by minority ownership group’s counsel.


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