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Significant Litigation Matters
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•  represented and successfully defended medical malpractice claims made against plastic surgeon arising out of complications and disfigurement sustained following breast reduction surgery utilizing innovative technique;


•   represented and successfully defended wrongful death medical malpractice claim against lone non-settling defendant attending physician arising from death of nursing home resident from exacerbation of decubitus ulcers;


•   represented and successfully defended, by obtaining summary judgment on behalf of, real estate developer/owner of apartment building against claims of lead paint claimant seeking significant monetary damages arising out of alleged failure of client to abate lead paint within the premises, which failure allegedly caused significant medical injuries, including brain damage;


•   after being engaged just one month before trial, and after rejection by plaintiff of City’s substantial settlement offer in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, obtained a complete defense verdict in favor of two Baltimore Police Officers in civil jury trial involving claims of excessive force and constitutional violations brought by plaintiff who allegedly suffered broken neck, knee, and various other permanent physical and psychological injuries purportedly at the hands of the defendant Officers, necessitating multiple cervical fusions, arthroscopic surgery and therapies, and resulting in significant medical expenses;


•   represented and successfully defended Baltimore police officer against survivorship and wrongful death claims arising out of the fatal shooting by officer of unarmed fleeing drug suspect, conclusively demonstrating the justifiability of the officer’s actions; and,


•   have represented and defended law enforcement personnel of Baltimore City Police Department in over 200 cases (2001 – present) involving various intentional torts, including claims ranging from simple assault, false arrest, deprivation of civil rights, to serious/catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death, with a 91% win/loss ratio in cases tried to verdict.


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