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Creditors' Rights

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Jones & Associates provides consultation, advice and legal representation on the wide range of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights issues.  Particularly with respect to these issues, our paramount focus is to protect the interests and objectives of our clients.

 We represent lenders, venture capitalists, and other companies and individuals holding debt obligations, deeds of trust and mortgages, financing statements, and other security interests and instruments.

 We negotiate and litigate the enforcement of the creditor’s rights of our clients, including negotiated workouts, litigation and bankruptcy representation.

 We review, draft, negotiate, and represent clients in closings of, loan documents and security instruments of various types.

 We also provide consultation, advice and legal representation with respect to the appropriateness, the mechanics and the timing of a filing for protection, reorganization (including particularly Chapter 11 reorganizations) or liquidation under the bankruptcy laws, as well as with respect to the attendant bankruptcy litigation.  Our consultation and advise in this area necessarily includes our assessment, evaluation and recommendations with respect to any alternatives to a bankruptcy filing which may be available or preferable to the client, given the client’s circumstances and objectives.  Jones & Associates views these issues as major strategic decisions of the business which must be approached, assessed and acted upon by the client in that manner.


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