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Significant Business Matters


Jones & Associates represents primarily businesses and management in employment matters.  We provide counseling and legal services with an emphasis on:  (1) prevention, with appropriate employment policies and procedures in place, and their proper implementation, (2) an equitable and expeditious resolution of disputes and issues when possible, and (3) a vigorous and firm defense when necessary.

 We routinely provide counseling and legal services in employment litigation matters, including defending:

•  age, race, gender and disability discrimination claims

•  retaliatory discharge and breach of contract suits

•  breach of fiduciary duty

•  defamation, and

•  sexual harassment matters.

 We also review, draft and provide consultation and advice with respect to:

•  employment and compensation agreements of all types, including executive employment and compensation agreements, agency and sales representative agreements, and independent contractor agreements

•  employer policy manuals and other written employer policies

•  employee handbooks, and

•  non-competition and non-disclosure agreements

 Our experience and understanding of these matters allows us to work with our clients to examine and modify our clients’ employment practices, documents and procedures to identify and correct potential problems before they become expensive confrontations.

 Jones & Associates’ approach and advice to our clients in the management of labor and employment issues can be characterized as no nonsense, matter of fact, and to the point.  The employee has rights, the company has rights and a business to run, and there is the labor and employment law.  The application of the appropriate balance among these factors normally results in our recommending fairly clear and precise courses of action for our client.


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